WordCamp Team Descriptions and Responsibilities

Join us as we embark on the exciting journey of organizing WordCamp PH 2024! Our teams are the backbone of the event, ensuring a memorable and seamless experience for all attendees.

What kind of commitment can you expect to make?

We’ll begin onboarding in late January 2024. As an organizing team member, expect to:

  • Manage tasks specific to your organizing team.
  • Participate in weekly or bi-weekly team planning sessions.
  • Increase your time commitment as the event in September 2024 nears.
  • Take on scheduled volunteer shifts during the event, including at the WCPH Social.

Team Lead Responsibilities

Each organizing team is led by a Team Lead, who steers their team toward success. The Team Lead role includes:

  • Setting regular check-ins with your team.
  • Attending weekly meetings with other Team Leads and the WCPH Lead Team.
  • Assigning roles and setting goals for your team.
  • Selecting tools specific to your team’s needs.
  • Creating and managing a schedule of deadlines.
  • Addressing issues and challenges within the team.
  • Reporting progress and coordinating with the broader organizing team.
  • Planning the on-site schedule for your team

Team Descriptions

Accessibility | Attendee Experience | Contributor Days | Design | Food and Beverage | Logistics | Photography | Programming | PR/Communications | Sponsors | Social Experience and Swag | Volunteers | Web

Accessibility Team

The Accessibility Team works cross-functionally with each of the other WordCamp PH organizing teams, to ensure that accessibility is embedded throughout all parts of WordCamp PH planning. This team serves as a valuable resource to the entire WordCamp PH organizing team.

Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate with each of the other organizing teams to ensure that accessibility is embedded throughout all parts WCPH planning
  • Review the WCPH website and social posts for accessibility
  • Proactively identify accessibility concerns, and help organizing teams resolve accessibility issues
  • Brainstorm and implement ways to enhance accessibility at WCPH
  • Clearly communicate WCPH accessibility to attendees

Attendee Experience Team

The Attendee Experience Team is responsible for email correspondence with attendees, including accessibility needs and visa letters. They envision the best experience our attendees and work to make it happen.

Responsibilities include: 

  • Respond to emails from attendees
  • Manage accessibility needs, visa letter requests, and ticketing questions
  • Brainstorm and implement ways to enhance our attendees’ experience. This could range from tourist tips in collaboration with PR/Communications team to organizing an attendee open mic night.
  • Create signage maps in collaboration with Logistics and Design teams
  • Strategic planning for room layouts in collaboration with Logistics team
  • Coordinate an Attendee Help Desk during WordCamp PH
  • Coordinate with the Accessibility team as needed

Contributor Days Team

The Contributor Days Team will facilitate everything related to Contributor Days. They coordinate with the WordPress contributor teams for projects and on-site team facilitators.

Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate with contributor teams to identify projects and team table leads 
  • Brainstorm and coordinate a new contributor onboarding process
  • Think creatively about how to elevate these two Contributor Days to be as impactful as possible for all, include new and veteran contributors
  • Manage Contributor Day organization, room layout, and signage needs
  • Facilitate pre-Contributor day sign-ups and onboarding
  • Coordinate with the WCPH Accessibility Team as needed

Design Team

The Design Team creates the brand of WCPH through visual and digital graphics and manages the design of the official website. They are additionally responsible for print material and swag coordination.

Responsibilities include: 

  • Establish the WCPH brand
  • Create templates for PR/Comms to use for social media posting
  • Design graphical elements for Wapuu, logo, t-shirt, and other swag
  • Stage dressing
  • Signage
  • Coordinate with the Accessibility team as needed

Food and Beverage Team

The Food and Beverage Team manages attendee allergy requests and works with WCPH food and beverage vendors to set menus and ensure a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience for all attendees; this includes for WordCamp PH, the Speaker/Sponsor/Volunteer/Organizer Thank You event, and the WCPH Social event.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Coordinate attendee allergy requests
  2. Menu Planning: Collaborate with vendors to develop inclusive menus (e.g., vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and allergy-friendly options)
  3. Create a positive dining experience for attendees, including efficient queue management and clear signage for different food options
  4. Coordinate with the Accessibility team as needed

Logistics Team

The Logistics Team works with the venue and various other WCPH teams to help ensure our planned event comes off smoothly in the space.

Responsibilities include:

  • Work with Attendee Experience and Design Teams to ensure all needed signage is created
  • Assist in planning strategic room layouts
  • Define and communicate A/V needs for each room

Photography Team

The Photography Team captures the excitement of WCPH in quality photos! They recruit photography volunteers and plan ahead to ensure we capture all the right moments and create a visual archive of the event.

Responsibilities include: 

  • Create a Call for Photographers
  • Collaborate with Design and PR/Comms to select photos to post during the event
  • Identify key locations or activities where photographers should be stationed
  • Plan and coordinate a group photo during Contributor Day and WCPH
  • Manage photography volunteers on-location
  • Review and curate photos post-WCPH

Programming Team

The Programming Team curates all talk and workshop content for WCPH. They launch the Call for Speakers, vet, and select applications, handle all communication with speakers, create the WordCamp session schedule, and provide day-of speaker support. The Programming Team ensures that content for WCPH is high quality and exciting!

Responsibilities include: 

  • Launch the Call for Speakers
  • Brainstorm topics for workshops and workshop logistics
  • Vet and select applications
  • Prepare backup speakers
  • Correspond with speakers via email and Slack
  • Vet speaker presentations
  • Set WordCamp session schedule
  • Coordinate logistics to ensure that speakers have what they need
  • Provide day-of speaker support
  • Create speaker and session web pages in collaboration with PR/Comms and Web/Design
  • Coordinate with the Accessibility team to ensure that accessibility-themed talks are high quality

PR/Communications Team

The PR/Communications Team will handle internal and external communications for WCPH. They will be in regular communication with other teams and generate website content, blog posts, and social media posts to build excitement for WCPH. They make sure that attendees receive timely and easily-digestible information.

Responsibilities include: 

  • Collaborate with the Design team for branding and design templates
  • Publish updates to website content
  • Generate ideas for, write, and publish blog posts
  • Manage social media before and during WCPH
  • Define and execute media partnerships, if desired
  • Coordinate with the Accessibility team to ensure that blog and social posts are fully accessible, and to support clear communication of accessibility at WCPH.

Sponsors Team

The Sponsors Team is responsible for fundraising, communicating with sponsors, reviewing sponsor marketing material and swag, as well as sponsor hall mobilization and coordination. They are the critical bridge between sponsors and the WordPress community.

Responsibilities include: 

  • Determine sponsorship levels of financial contribution
  • Create a tiered benefit package for each level
  • Launch Call for Sponsors
  • Develop a sponsor kit for each tier
  • Communicate with sponsors daily
  • Review sponsor marketing collateral and swag
  • Coordinate with vendors for sponsor move in
  • Provide on-location sponsor support
  • Coordinate with the Accessibility team to ensure that the Sponsor Hall and sponsor booths are fully accessible

Social Experience and Swag

The Social Experience and Swag Team curates the WCPH social experience, weaving moments of attendee delight and connection throughout WordCamp; coordinates the WordCamp PH Speaker/Sponsor/Volunteer/Organizer Thank You event and the WCPH Social event, in partnership with the Food and Beverage Team; selects and coordinates WCPH swag, with sustainability in mind.

Responsibilities include:

  • Craft creative elements that enhance the WordCamp social experience, weaving a positive, engaging atmosphere throughout the camp. Create opportunities for attendee delight, engagement, and connection.
  • Coordinate the WCPH Speaker/Sponsor/Volunteer/Organizer Thank You event (in partnership with Food & Beverage team, Volunteers team, Sponsors team, and Lead Team)
  • Coordinate the WordCamp PH Social Event (in partnership with Food & Beverage team and Lead Team)
  • Select and coordinate attendee swag items 
  • Select and coordinate speaker swag items
  • Select and coordinate volunteer and organizer t-shirts
  • Coordinate with the Accessibility team to ensure that the social events are fully accessible

Volunteers Team

The Volunteers Team recruits and administers the volunteer application process, and schedules and orients the many volunteers we rely on while on-location at WCPH. While at WCPH, the Volunteer Team manages volunteer staff.

Responsibilities include: 

  • Launch Call for Volunteers
  • Review and vet applications
  • Communicate with volunteers via email and Slack
  • Develop and manage the volunteer schedule
  • Orient volunteers and lead venue tours
  • Manage volunteer staff on-location
  • Coordinate with the Accessibility team to ensure that the volunteer program is fully accessible

Web Team

The Web Team manages the functionality of the WCPH website, and coordinates with the Design Team to incorporate design elements into the site.

Responsibilities include:

  • Launch ticket sales, create coupon codes, and ticket reservation blocks
  • Develop official website
  • Website menu organization and functionality
  • Create day-of website 
  • Coordinate with the Accessibility team to ensure that the site is fully accessible


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