We greatly appreciate your interest in supporting our vibrant WordPress Port Harcourt Community. Our gatherings serve as dynamic hubs for learning, networking, and fostering connections among WordPress enthusiasts. We believe in creating valuable experiences while respecting the essence of our community.

Guidelines for Sponsorship

At our meetups, we welcome sponsors who align with our community’s values and goals. To ensure a harmonious experience for all attendees, we have established some guidelines for sponsorships:

  1. Acknowledgment with Gratitude: Sponsors are encouraged to support by covering refreshments or providing other modest contributions. We display a tent sign near the sponsored items as a gesture of thanks. In our event description and communications, we acknowledge the sponsor and mention their attendance if applicable.
  2. Respectful Representation: While we appreciate acknowledgment, excessive marketing materials, including printed signs and tablecloths, are discouraged. We aim for a distraction-free environment and request sponsors to refrain from overpowering the meetup space with logos or extensive advertising.
  3. Optional Engagement: We cherish sponsors who genuinely engage with our community out of a shared passion for WordPress. While we value their presence and contributions, interaction with sponsors should always remain optional for attendees. We encourage a natural exchange of ideas and connections.

Our Approach

We believe in fostering an environment focused on knowledge-sharing and genuine connections rather than using our community as a platform for aggressive marketing. Our aim is to maintain the integrity of our meetups while appreciating the valuable support sponsors provide.

Get Involved

If you share our vision and wish to support our community, we invite you to reach out to discuss potential sponsorship opportunities. Your contributions help us continue providing enriching experiences for WordPress enthusiasts.

For inquiries or to express interest in sponsorship, please contact us at info@wpphc.org

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